Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding update - the invites have arrived!!

There I was, typing away at the last post when suddenly *thud* BOW-WOW-OW-WOW-OW-WOW-GRRRR. That usually means there's post. Went out to see what joys we had received today and OMGTHERE'SABIGPARCEL-YTHINGADDRESSEDTOMEEXCITING! And breathe.
Our wedding invitations have arrived!! This is the first time I've actually seen them in the flesh as we ordered them online (from the lovely folks at Vistaprint). They're a little bit more blue than we'd thought when we ordered (note to self, Big Guy's iPad does something funny with colours, they match the shade I see on my old, knackered Dell. Take that Apple fanboy! ;-P) but not so much that I need to change them so phew! The paper quality is lovely and everything is spelled right. Now all we have to do is address all the envelopes and get them posted. (8 weeks from today 'til the wedding - eek!). We also got some very groovy sticker things that match our invites (and have our wedding date of 12-12-12 in an arch at the edge) for sealing the envelopes. 

It's weird, little things like these are what make the wedding seem so much more real and getting close. Which reminds me, hairdresser still to be sorted. I may get on that. Whilst I go dance a happy dance and sort out other wedding details you guys can check out our invites (with surnames and details removed of course so they don't actually have the big blank spots...).

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