Monday, October 15, 2012

Wedding update (and some really Ugly Christmas Jumpers)

Today we finally met with the photographer for our wedding (hooray!). The lovely Philip Bourke of Philip Bourke Photography met us in Cork City to talk through what we wanted for the day. So excited about seeing what sort of shots he comes up with on the day now!
After we met with Philip we decided to have a mooch around the city and grab some lunch. I've been trying to source some gold leaves to wind through my hair for the day but sadly I didn't manage to find any in the normally very well-stocked Vibes & Scribes. We did however spot this very cool...musical can(?) in a shop window on McCurtain Street. How awesome is this?

After our window-shopping we were feeling pretty peckish so we popped into one of our favourite Cork City cafes: Nourish @ 14A.

They have a great selection on the menu there, for breakfast, lunches and dinner. Also yummy wine, lots of it (and a great selection that they sell by the glass which is great with a quick lunch). I opted for a Chilean Merlot today (an organic variety I was quite excited to see). Can't remember the maker though, sorry! It was delicious!

Aren't their milk jugs cute? They have really cool water jugs too, we always say we should ask where they got them (and if they'd sell us one).

Due to our order (2 big burgers) it took a little longer than usual for our food to arrive (though they have an open kitchen which is great as we do like to be able to see what the chefs are doing) and so the Big Guy was a little less than his cheery self when I started taking photos of him. Neither of us are nice people when hungry...

Telling a hungry Irish man to cheer up and smile gets you this (unsure what to call it, sarcastic? Cheesy? Slightly terrified of the maniac he's sitting with saying "Smile, SMILE, I'm taking another one, S M I L E!!")

Finally though our food arrived (only for there to be an egg on Big Guy's burger - eggs are still a no-go with him despite my best efforts so it had to be sent back...and a fresh one cooked. Oh dear). I had the spicy bean burger with mozzarella and crispy bacon. Doesn't it look yummy? Tasted even better, believe me!

There was also a chocolate cake but it was gone before I had a chance to catch a snap of it. When I went up to pay the waiter thanked me for us being so nice about the mix-up with the eggy burger. He told me he was having a really crummy day, he'd gone in to work to have his co-workers point out he had a huge hole in his pants (which at that stage was being held shut with pins), forgotten to gel his hair, he'd mixed up some of the orders (other than ours) and had walked into their door 3 times when serving out on the patio. Poor dude, he was nearly on the brink of tears. Managed to cheer him up and get a laugh out of him before we left so good deed for the day: completed!

Anyway, enough food (before I get hungry again!). We'd gone to Michel Jewellers on Patrick Street the last day we were in Cork and had tried on some wedding rings. I've looked around at others since but I couldn't get the last one I had tried on in Michels out of my head so we decided to go back and have another look. Tried it on and that was that. Knew it was the one (we'd agreed on the way there that if it was gone it was a sign and we'd look elsewhere). Sadly I didn't take a photo of the ring itself but we did take a quick (sodden due to rain) picture outside the shop! The Big Guy is quite upset he isn't happy, happy like me in this picture, he was trying to work out the front-facing camera thingy on his phone (and balance a big brolly to boot).

Last thing we did was a quick trip into Penney's on Patrick Street (they have some great and cheap autumn jumpers at the moment). Spotted these HIDEOUS jumpers in the men's section and had to grab a photo (the Big Guy and his sister have a Ugly Christmas Jumper thing they do). There are a few in there that are bad but these two really took the biscuit!

After that we were tired, soaked and carrying several heavy bottles of wine and decided to call it a day. See you again soon Cork City, we loves ya! xxx

So, that was our rainy but extremely productive day in Cork. Hope you guys had a happy Monday (unlike our poor waiter)? Peace out from Chez Finding Home, we're off to celebrate the booking of the photographer and wedding ring with some of the lovely wine we bought today :-)

PS - aren't they just the worst jumpers ever? Or have you actually seen *gasp* an even uglier Ugly Christmas Jumper?


  1. Are there any girls jumpers??? I have always wanted a Christmas hideous festive jumper party!!!

  2. I know right?! There's a few not-pretty girls jumpers but none that have the abject awfulness that the men's ones do. I think we should just buy x-small men's jumpers and wear them!
    I also think that Spud needs the elf one in his agree?