Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Fab DIY'd Wedding Shoes

These are my lovely wedding shoes. They're a dark teal-y velvet-like suede-y fabric. I got them in Dorothy Perkins (on sale!) and then added details to them myself to make them tie-in better with my overall wedding look.
I was very lucky as I have a bottle of nail polish the exact same colour as the sash on my dress and I've gotten into the habit of carrying it everywhere with me so if I find something for the wedding I can check that it's the right colour straight away!

So, once I'd bought the shoes (and gotten a GORGEOUS free scarf due to their awesome buy-one-get-one-free sale) I had to find a way to make them stand out more. Easy solution: glittery-ness! My dress has a lot of gold sequin detail so gold sequins were the way to go. I bought 2ft of strung sequins (okay, in hindsight a bit too much but better than running out and I can use it again) and made my merry way home.

What you need: Shoes, sequins on a string, glue (I used superglue as that was what I had to hand), pins.

Start at the back of the shoe and pin the sequins into place at regular intervals. Work the whole way around until you have the entire outline done. Now you know how much of the strung sequins you need for that shoe so you can cut off the excess. Repeat on the other shoe.

Next we're going to actually glue it all into place. Remove all the pins and the sequins. Put a tiny smear of glue on the start of the length of sequin string. Press it to your original starting point and pin into place. Spread a very thin line of glue along the sequin string (about the distance that you had between your original pins, say an inch or so), press down and pin. You'll need to pin more frequently on the curved sections near the front. Repeat until you've edged the entire shoe and finish with your last sequin overlapping your first (you'll have to remove the pin and re-pin afterwards it to do this).

Leave the glue to dry fully before removing your pins. Tada! Sequin edged shoes! It really is very simple, I did mine whilst watching Pitch Black on tv so don't be stressing about it.

My next step for these shoes is going to be gold glitter soles. I haven't done it yet (due to FEAR) but I did a practice run on another pair and it worked out fine so I really should just get on with it. I'll add an actually step-by-step tutorial for that when the time comes.

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