Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Fab DIY'd Wedding Shoes - Part 2

I finally got over the shoe fear and just went for it! They look amazing, I can't wait to wear them. They're drying here beside me as I type and I'll add another layer of glitter, then a topcoat seal and they'll be done! So, do you want a pair of your very own glitter-sole dancing shoes ('cos baby, these are DANCING shoes!)?

You need: Shoes
Craft glue (PVA adhesive)
Tape (optional)

Step one - Get shoes. You can tape off designs if you want (I did on my practice pair as it suited the shape of them better) but I chose not to for the wedding shoes. Make sure the soles are clean(ish).

Step two - brush glue over soles of shoes, being careful to not leave gaps or go over the edges. My glue actually came with a built-in brush - how handy-dandy is that I ask you?!

Step three - sprinkle with glitter making sure to get an even coat and not leave gaps. You should probably note that this point that glitter is the herpes of the craft world so my tip to you would be spread out a big sheet of tinfoil and use that as your work surface. At least then you can fold it into a V when you're finished and tip excess glitter back into the pot. Though it'll still get everywhere...

Step four - leave to dry. Coat with another layer of glue to act as a sealant (I'm going to do two layers of glitter before sealing but I'll be on my feet for most of the day and don't want them to scuff too early).

Tada! Glitter soles. Shake it baby :)

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