Sunday, October 14, 2012

And a Big Hand Goes To...

...Knocklong Development Association! Well, perhaps not as big a hand as they might have liked but certainly a great day out!

Today was the Knocklong Harvest Fair 2012 and during the fair there was a Guinness World Record attempt. They were trying to get as many people as they could to stand in the shape of a human hand. This was run in conjunction with Pieta House, a very worthy Irish charity that aims to raise awareness, and provide support, for those suffering from mental illness, specifically depression, suicide and self-harm. As you can imagine the chance to get a day out AND help such a wonderful charity is not to be missed!

Sadly my car decided not to start today but as luck would have it my Dad was coming down to go to the Harvest Fair with me and was able to pick me up. After a bit of a detour (when you're using the maps on your phone making sure you actually put in the right address is always a good idea...) we got to the fairgrounds. We were so lucky with the weather, it was actually sunny and hot. In Ireland. In October!

There were loads of activities going on at the fair, stalls selling everything from bric-a-brac to oak trees! Not sure what this was about though and I'm sorry we didn't hang around to find out!!

There was a little farm stall that had pigs, sheep, cattle, geese, ponies, rabbits, chicken - and a resident snow white cat. Reptile Village also had a fantastic display, including this little guy who I wanted to bring home with me, and their staff were very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

So after a quick trot around all the stalls, and watching the local fire brigade show how they cut open a car to access trapped and injured passengers (my Dad found that fascinating!) we had the World Record Attempt. Everyone dutifully arranged themselves in the middle of the pitches (well, after much direction from the organisers who have the patience of saints!) and we all waved and hooted for the cameras up on a huge crane. Unfortunately I don't think they got as many people as they would have liked, maybe 600+ but not the 1,000 they wanted to break the record. However, I could be wrong, and I'll be keeping a sharp eye on their facebook page to hear the results. If they DO break the record everyone who was there can apply to Guinness World Records for a certificate. I really hope that the record was broken as it would be so cool to have a certificate like that!

We headed home after that, we were going to stay for the Donkey Derby Final (hilarious stuff!) but Dad had bought an oak tree and that was one heavy piece of wood so we decided it was best to leave. Thanks to everyone in Knocklong Development Association for organising a great day, can't wait to see what you come up with for next year! :-)

What about you guys? Did you do anything fun this weekend? Have you ever attempted to break a World Record? Have you broken one, and which one if you have? And can ANYONE tell me what a Cow Dung Millionaire is????

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