Thursday, November 14, 2013

10 Months later...

Eh, hi everyone *waves*'s been a while...sorry about that. Life, you know?

I just read over my last post and I guess the best place to start back here is to compare my plans for 2013 to the reality of 2013, right?

1. I'm going to blog more, I promise!
Well, obviously this one didn't work out quite the way I planned it! I had so many times in the last 10 months where I'd think "Oh, this would make a great blog post" and just never got around to typing it up - I can't even remember what 85% of them were now. 
So I'm sorry, I sucked at point 1 and I'm going to try and make it up to you guys. I have missed blogging, more than I'd have thought I would.

2. I'll be keeping you up-to-date with our TTC journey. A lot of you seem to identify with this subject, any TTC posts I've written are in the Top 5 posts for this blog when looking at the stats.
This is still true - TTC and glittery shoes are the stop hits on the blog - STILL! Also, my busiest time for visitors was August, 8 months after I'd last posted anything or even logged on...weird!
Anyway, we're still TTC (no surprises there, right?) and I will dedicate an entire post to the subject once I have it straight in my head what it is I want to write.

3. I'll be adding more DIY projects as I do them. Mostly little pieces for now as we're house-hunting at the moment so I don't want to make any major pieces or changes to the house we're in.
Yeah, I have been working away at little projects so I'll be adding them on. I've mostly been knitting and we repainted a few rooms - nothing earth-shattering.

4. No. 3 brings me nicely to no. 4 - we're house-hunting! I'll be keeping you guys informed of our progress and once we find the right house and move I'll be doing more house-based projects.
Now THIS subject I have a lot to talk about so it's gonna get a dedicated post as well. We've been house-hunting for aaaaaages and in that time we've changed our minds about the type and location and everything in between. Funny how that happens.

5. Between projects and general life I'll be using products and going places - if I have a particularly amazing item or experience be sure I'll let you all know with a review!
Reviews - yes! They'll be coming soon too. I might pick a day for each subject and do things that way, you know, like "Fertility Friday", "Review Wednesday", "House-hunting Monday". Or maybe not. We'll see.

6. Onto the more personal side - we're hoping to visit Australia to see my brother and his lovely girlfriend as our "official" honeymoon later this year (provided house-buying doesn't stop us being able to afford to do so!).
*Sigh*. This is on the list of things I'd love to do but will probably never happen. Sorry Spuddy :-(

7. Speaking of affording things - I'm still unemployed so I've decided to take the bull by the horns and have a business plan I'm working on. Once it's up and running I'll let you guys know all about it!
See now, I actually have NO IDEA what this business plan might have been. I'm great for coming up with business ideas so it could have been any of 15 different things. On the upside I am actually in gainful employment now!

8. Finally, the baby stuff. I'd love to be able to say 2013 we'll have a baby! I'm going to hedge my bets though and just say that 2013 I'd like us to be closer to having a baby - either by being pregnant (imagine!) or at least having a plan to get us to that point. I'm currently on a waiting list for exploratory surgery because of the cyst (singular again, the left one seems to have vacated my ovary of it's own accord) as they're still not sure exactly what it is. If I do manage to get pregnant between now and surgery they'll just move it to a later date, if not, they'll take a look around and see if they can spot any other issues whilst they examine, and possibly remove, the cyst.
No baby yet, at least, not for us. Surgery is done and dusted and went very well. Hospitals have the best drugs and apparently stoned me is very fond of talking about cherry pie and colourful socks. I'll go into all of that in later posts too. 

What else has happened? The main thing sticking out in my mind is losing our beloved dog Scuba just under a month ago. He got very sick very fast and we had him put to sleep here at home. I'll be collecting his ashes tomorrow. I really wanted to write about it at the time but it was just way too painful. It was a pretty horrible time.

I've mostly been reading, spending way too much time on Pinterest, watching repeats of favourite tv shows and just chugging along very boringly. I guess I've taken a break from well, not life, but you know, living. Or something. Anyway, I'm back now, let's get this show on the road!

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