Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Post-Apocalypse, Christmas, New Year etc

Sorry folks, it's been a busy few weeks here at Chez Finding Home what with the whole getting married, mini-moon, Christmas, etc, so the poor blog has been put on the end of a very long finger!

Right, first order or business! The wedding! Well, it happened, it was fabulous, there were tears (happy ones mind you!). We're expecting the photographer to have the photos to us by the end of this month so I'll add them once they're here and give you a run-down of the day then. I can also add tutorials for any of the DIY's that we did for the day that I haven't covered yet (such as my DIY birdcage veil) as I'll have lovely pictures to add to them.

The mini-moon was next. I'm hoping to write a review of the hotel and area in the next day or two so that's coming soon, I promise.

Christmas was amazing as my baby brother (hey Spuddy!) was home from Australia to spend it with us. There was a lot of food. A lot. Seriously, I'm still pulling leftovers from the freezer. I'll be adding recipes for what I did on the day, and how to use up the (ahem, 5 bags of) leftover turkey, without getting utterly sick of it!

New Years was a wee bit of a wash-out for us as I was sick with the flu so we spent it curled up on the couch watching tv - so exciting!

So what are my plans for Finding Home in 2013, and for life in general?

1. I'm going to blog more, I promise!

2. I'll be keeping you up-to-date with our TTC journey. A lot of you seem to identify with this subject, any TTC posts I've written are in the Top 5 posts for this blog when looking at the stats.

3. I'll be adding more DIY projects as I do them. Mostly little pieces for now as we're house-hunting at the moment so I don't want to make any major pieces or changes to the house we're in.

4. No. 3 brings me nicely to no. 4 - we're house-hunting! I'll be keeping you guys informed of our progress and once we find the right house and move I'll be doing more house-based projects.

5. Between projects and general life I'll be using products and going places - if I have a particularly amazing item or experience be sure I'll let you all know with a review!

6. Onto the more personal side - we're hoping to visit Australia to see my brother and his lovely girlfriend as our "official" honeymoon later this year (provided house-buying doesn't stop us being able to afford to do so!).

7. Speaking of affording things - I'm still unemployed so I've decided to take the bull by the horns and have a business plan I'm working on. Once it's up and running I'll let you guys know all about it!

8. Finally, the baby stuff. I'd love to be able to say 2013 we'll have a baby! I'm going to hedge my bets though and just say that 2013 I'd like us to be closer to having a baby - either by being pregnant (imagine!) or at least having a plan to get us to that point. I'm currently on a waiting list for exploratory surgery because of the cyst (singular again, the left one seems to have vacated my ovary of it's own accord) as they're still not sure exactly what it is. If I do manage to get pregnant between now and surgery they'll just move it to a later date, if not, they'll take a look around and see if they can spot any other issues whilst they examine, and possibly remove, the cyst.

So that's it! My 8 point plan for 2013. Hope you and yours have been happy and healthy since I was here last and that 2013 brings you everything you wish for xxx

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