Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So when we moved here 6 months ago we loved this house so much and we had pretty great plans for how we were going to use the rooms and sort things out and re-decorate a bit. Fast forward to the present and I'm still unemployed (read: broke!) and once we'd unpacked we pretty much gave up on decorating, at all.
The 'office' still has unpacked boxes and we've literally shut the door on it, it's kept locked and no one goes in there. The 'kids room' (so called as it was our landlord's son's room and is still painted with murals and a height chart) will get it's first use this Friday when my little cousin sleeps over while her Mum's at a conference.
We've started to hate the house. I think it is in part due to the December freeze and the ensuing post-Christmas burst pipe situation. And partly due to the huge fucking cliff of a driveway that's horrible to get up/down. Partly also because the neighbourhood cats bully our kitties. I think we'll like it a lot more come full on Spring and flowers and sunshine but even that will be overshadowed by the not-loving of now. We'll probably move again when our lease is up.
Meanwhile I'll continue dreaming about the sort of house we will eventually have, and how much we'll love it, and how super comfortable and stylish and effortless it will be, and how it will have room for all our collections and bits. For two people we really do have some amount of crap, and I love it all too much to part with any of it.

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