Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Planning, etcetera

Man I need a new job!

Being in the planning stages of the Grand Escape is daunting as all hell and having next to no money after all the apartment buying and moving doesn't really help matters!

So, I have to find a job that pays more, plus another way to supplement my income, and cut back on expenditure, and at the same time plan (and pay for) the initial outlays for the trip and make sure I have enough savings to be able to survive once I'm out on the road. Errr, yeah...piece of cake...

I thought I might have a companion for the trip yesterday. It was so exciting! Someone to share costs with, company for long drives and let's face it, having a big, burly dude with you when traveling is great from the safety point of view as well. It was great; we discussed routes, agreed on timeframes, and generally spent two or three hours on the phone last night getting well excited about this whole adventure. Aaaaand then he text me today to say he has to do what makes him happy and he doesn't think we can be friends (long story short: we dated for a while) so I guess I'm back to traveling on my lonesome.
Don't get me wrong, it makes the journey about three times more terrifying, but almost ten times more exciting! Sure, it could all go horribly wrong for me somewhere along the road but if I do this and I make it by myself then how bloody awesome is that?!?

So, the plan!

My brother proposed to his wonderful girlfriend about a month ago and they're getting married either September 2015 or January 2016. I'm going to save like a crazy woman between now and then, and as soon as they say their "I do's" I'll be hitting the road.

I plan on buying a camper van and driving from Alicante in Spain, up into France, through Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, across Iran (yes, really), Pakistan, India, Burma, China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and then Singapore. At this point I'll fly into Perth, pick up another cheap van and drive north, then cut across and down along the coast to Sydney to see my brother and say hi. Fly Oz to New Zealand, then on toward the USA, where I'll get yet another cheap vehicle and drive over toward Toronto, see some family there, then down again towards Mexico, followed by Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and finally Brazil. I was thinking of flying to Africa to drive back up toward Spain and complete a full circuit but if I'm going to be on my own I don't know if I'll do that or if I'll fly back to Europe from Brazil.

Yes, I am aware that I'm nuts.

So now I just have to save a shit ton of money, make sure I can drive in all the places I plan on driving to, check into visas, vaccinations, cultural taboos,  weather and festivals I don't want to miss. I'll probably be gone for about 18 months (I was originally thinking a year but let's be real here, that's a LOT of travel) so I'm glad I have about that long to save for this.

I am so, so scared.

I am so incredibly excited.

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