Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love: Teal

I really do love the colour teal, so much so that it's our main wedding colour! There's just something so...calm about it. It reminds me of the deepest parts of the ocean, the great below. I also love, love, love Etsy so I thought I'd put together a collection of gorgeous teal pieces sourced only from Etsy sellers*. The best part? Everything here is under €50, so if you're looking for a lovely Christmas gift, look no further!

First up: Cute Crab Watercolour
This gorgeous watercolour painting reproduction is by North Carolina based artist Kelly Bermudez and goes straight back to what I said about the connection between teal and the sea. I think it was look amazing framed in a white-washed timber and hanging in a sunny coastal bathroom, don't you? At only $19 (€15.18) it's a bit of a steal too! Buy it HERE.

Teal LOVE cushion
This 100% cotton cushion is handmade by New York based Lana, of Honey Pie Design and I think it's just adorable! The felted LOVE text adds texture to an otherwise plain piece and the soft teal would be a great fit in almost any room. Can you imagine this in a new baby's room? Super cute! Cushion is 14x10 inches and costs $42 (€33.57). Buy it HERE

Bird earrings
I can't even begin to explain how much I love these earrings. Seriously, the deep teal background, the bare winter branches on the trees, the birds. I may have just found my wedding earrings! These are made by Dimitris Poliakov from Athens, Greece and would be a really lovely gift for any girl in your life (provided she has pierced ears of course!). Dimitris actually has an amazing range of earrings in loads of colours so if you're looking for that special something you might find it there. I love the butterfly wing earrings too. Actually, any of the earring would make a lovely bridesmaid gift from all you brides out there, you can be sure you'd find the right colour! These earrings are a great bargain at $11 (€8.79) and you can buy them HERE

Elephant clock
OHMYGODITSABABYELEPHANT! It's a baby elephant and a clock and he's walking and throwing his trunk in the air all cocky-like. This is no. 1 on my list of adorable-ness at the moment. I love elephants, I especially love walking elephants (as evidenced by my college project walking-elephants-necklace that those of you who know me will be familiar with). Seriously, baby elephant jaunty walking and telling you what time it is. Need I say more? This moment of cute was brought to you by John of LeLuni, based in Greenville, SC (South Carolina? I'm not American, maybe someone can enlighten me?). John makes this cute fella, and other animals, in various colours so you're totally spoilt for choice. This clock can be yours for $52 (€41.56) and you can buy him HERE

Bow bag
Okay, so it's pretty hard to top teal baby elephant clock, I know, but I think this bag can hold it's own against Gregory (yeah, so I named the clock, I name things, deal with it). This bag is the prefect size for everyday out and about travels and the best part is that the bow is removable if you want to change it out for another decoration or keep it simple. I like the bow though, it makes me think that everything in your bag is a little present for you. The lovely lady behind this is Thiriya Teresa from Chiang Mai, Thailand and she is currently offering a 10% discount in the run up to Christmas with the coupon code ikbd10. The bag is $32 (€25.57) without the discount which I think we can all agree is still a pretty great price for a handmade handbag. You can buy it HERE

Blue shoooooooes
I know I already have my wedding shoes but if I didn't....I'd so be onto these! I love the lace detailing along the sides and how better to have your something new AND your something blue all in one go? These stunning shoes are the work of Jennae & Liz of Walkin' On Air, Minneapolis and can be yours for $59 (€47.15). Check them out HERE

Poster art
I love cute letterpress prints with sweet sayings and quotes. I'm seeing more and more of them these days and I really hope it's a trend that is here to stay! What better way to show that special someone how they make you feel than with this pretty print? I'm earmarking this one for myself for our 1 year (paper) anniversary as I know the Big Guy loves art and prints and I think this would be a great gift for him. It made by Happy Deliveries from Appleton, WI (okay, I had a guess at SC but I have no idea where WI is, sorry!) and is only $20 (€15.98)! Steal! Well, don't steal, but buy it HERE instead...

Cotton Swaddle Blanket
Are there any new babies in your life? This deep teal swaddle blanket would make a super snug baby gift for a new Mom, or Mom-to-be. Sandrea H. of Kai Rai Kids in Lancaster, CA (California? I'm getting good at this!) hand-dyes each of these 100% cotton blankets with varying shades so that the colours shift subtly adding beautiful dimension and texture to the fabrics. A handy and sure to be much loved baby gift at only $22 (€17.58) you can buy it from Sandrea HERE

Surfing Original Watercolour
It's not very often that you can buy someone the gift of an original artwork for less than €250 but thanks to Julie leBailly of Morningsun Art you can! Julie is based in Brittany, France and specialises in salt-water inspired paintings. This painting is a complete one-of-a-kind and comes in a lovely, simple natural wood frame that shows it off wonderfully. You can buy this for bang on the nose of €50 from HERE (if someone beats you to it though rest assured, Julie has lots of other gorgeous originals for you to choose from).

Bottlecap Fridge Magnet
Like the letterpress prints above these variation of "Keep Calm & ..." are everywhere at the moment. Love them or hate them you just can't get away from them. This cute fridge magnet is one of my favourites that I've seen because hey, screw keeping calm, sometimes you do just have to completely flip out, am I right? This, and many other just as adorable fridge magnets are from Cherry Cute Shop, Illinois and can be yours for only....wait for it....$1.60 (€1.28). Yup, you read that right! March right on over HERE and go crazy!

Hippo Skirt
Did you not just SQUEE with happiness? I know I did! Zoe Chen of Zoe's Lollipop in the San Francisco East Bay area is the lady behind this cute and quirky jersey a-line skirt. Zoe makes this skirt in sizes S-XL so you're sure to find one that fits. It would make a great gift but I have to admit, I know if I bought it for someone I probably couldn't part with it. At $54 (€43.16) it probably wouldn't break the bank to buy two though, right? Right?? You can contact Zoe HERE

Stained Glass Suncatcher
Suncatchers are such pretty things to have around the house. I know it's slightly over the €50 budget but come on! It's beautiful! I love how the patterns and colours work together to be geometric and earthy (well, watery) all at once. Definitely a present that would hang in pride of place in whichever home was lucky enough to receive it. This is the talented work of Anna from Living Glass Art in Parsons, Tennessee and you can peruse this, and her other outstanding glasswork HERE

Fused Glass Brooch
Staying with glasswork I wanted to show you this AMAZING brooch from one of my favourite Irish artists: Mollie Barrow. Mollie does such graceful things with glass I can't even begin to explain her work to you so I thought I'd let this piece from her new Atomic range do all the talking. Isn't it MAGNIFICENT? Seriously Mollie, hats off to you girl, as always. This brooch is only €45 and you can buy it from Mollie HERE. Make sure to check out the rest of her Etsy shop, girl's got talent!

Teal Heart Shelf
So what do you get for the person that has everything? Storage! This darling little shelf unit by Claire Montrose of Artbrawl, Port Orchard, WA (I'm guessing Washington but I could be wrong?) is bound to delight. It's a dinky piece for keeping all of your treasures on, look at those three little heart details! At only $48 (€38.36) it is practically a crime for you not to go and order it right now from HERE

3 Wall-mounted Storage Boxes
Staying with gorgeous storage solutions you need to see these cute little boxes from Emily Martin of Another Cup, Augusta, GA (Georgia?). These are right on some of the popular storage trends I've been seeing lately and they'd add such a great dash of colour to a plain wall. I love how Emily has popped herbs into her display photograph boxes, definitely a great way of using these items and a really handy solution to having a big row of herb pots across your kitchen window (like we currently do). These are only $38 (€30.37) for the 3 and you can order them from Emily HERE

Rose Drawer Pulls
Last, but by no means least, are these pretty rose drawer/cabinet handles from Da Rosa, Toronto, Canada. These would be perfect for the DIY enthusiasts. I know that I can never have too many pretty do-dahs with which to make other pretty things or brighten up the house. The knobs are sold individually at $6.75 (€5.39) and you can order them HERE

So there you have it folks! A temptingly teal treasure trove of tantalising treats (try saying that 5 times fast!). I hope that you find something that you love amongst these talented sellers and be sure to let me know if you have any colours you'd like to see a round up for.

*Just so you guys know, I don't receive any payment, gifts, or anything else of that ilk from the sellers featured here. I literally just go to Etsy and trawl through page after page of items until I see something that catches my eye. I only promote their work because I genuinely like it and think they deserve the attention.


  1. Marvelous finds!

    Cheers! Emily

    1. You're more than welcome Emily, thanks for making such lovely items to feature :)

  2. I love it! I love teal!:) Thank you so much!

    1. You're very welcome Kelly, thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Gorgeous teal finds !
    Thank you so much for making me part of this great selection !
    I love this color !
    Have a nice day !

    1. Aww thanks for stopping by Julie. Isn't teal just one of the best colours? Hope you have a lovely day too :)