Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Yarn Lightshade

Have you guys discovered Pinterest yet? I'm totally addicted.
Every time I pop on there I find another 50 projects that I just have to do and some of them are so simple. There're a few projects on there that come up time and time again and I keep telling myself that I must get around to soon. The other night Big Guy had a lot of catching up to do on the Sky+ box and I figured that it was as good a time as any for me to get stuck into one of the pins that I see all the time and looks easy-peasy. (It also helps that our current bedroom lightshade is YACK and dirty and seriously needs replacing).

So, first things first...what do you need?

A balloon
String or yarn of your choice
A small plate

That's it! It's that simple and let's face it, if you're into crafts in any way, shape or form these are things that you're likely to have just lying around.

Step 1: Get your balloon and blow it up. (I drew a circle around the tie of mine to use as a guide for the hole at the end.)

Step 2: Pour your glue out onto your plate (a little at a time, you can add more as you go along).

Step 3: Drag your yarn or string through the glue puddle and stick it to the balloon (in retrospect it might have been easier to tape the beginning of the yarn to the balloon so you can try that).

Step 4: Just keep going until you have a pattern and the amount of coverage you're happy with.

Step 5: Hang the balloon somewhere that you won't walk into it whilst it dries. I left mine hanging for about 10 hours.

Step 6: Gently pop the balloon and ease it away from the yarn structure (mine was quite well stuck and dented a bit at this point but it was very easy to stick my hand inside and push the dents back out).

Step 7: Get a lightshade structure-thingy (I don't know what they're called...). You can probably buy them but I used the one from our grotty bedroom shade. Cut along the edge with a sharp knife (mind your fingers!) and remove all the bit of paper from the original shade.
This thing! Seriously, what on earth are these called??

Step 8: Cut a small hole in the top of your shade (enough for the light socket to fit through into the structure-thingy without having to force a hole and knock your shade out of shape).

Step 9: Trim the edges of the end of your lightshade to neaten it if necessary.

Step 10: Put it up, add bulb and let there be light!

There you have it. It's much easier than I'm making it sound as I'm adding every. single. step. but it really is a doddle, I promise. I'm thinking I might add a strip of ribbon to the end of the lightshade to A: cover the cut ends and B add a splash of colour. I do regret using such a "safe" colour (and no glitter, Big Guy vetoed glitter. Boo!) but now that I've done one and found it so easy I know that I can do others in every colour of the rainbow, or even some amazing rainbow yarn!

What projects have you seen on Pinterest that are your "must do's"? I've a few more up my sleeve that I'm hoping to add over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

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